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Grab a pack of 1304ST motors for your micro quad and make it fly like one of the big boys! The larger stator size of the 1304 motor gives your micro better low end throttle resolution to perform tighter turns, as well as achieving higher thrust at a lower amp draw allowing for maximum speed without pesky voltage sag. You've got to try it to believe it. With the quality you expect from Spintech Motors, these are the perfect upgrade to your 11XX motors, whether it be for a 2.5 inch race dominator, or a lightweight 3 inch ripper, the 1304ST motor destroys the competition. We've clocked speeds of over 90mph on a 2.5 inch propeller on a 4s lipo. Imagine that! The 1304ST motors have a unique 9mm and 12mm motor mounting pattern that allows for maximum build flexibility!
  • Tuned for 2.5 inch propellers, the 1304ST dominates the micro racing class!
  • The 1304ST’s larger stator size makes your micro quad feel like a full sized quad in the air!
    • Weighing only 8.4 grams per motor, the 1304ST has an incredible thrust to weight ratio!
    • The 1304ST has both 9mm and 12mm mounting holes allowing for maximum build flexibility!
    • Available in multiple configurations tuned for performance: 2s (55mph!), 3s (80mph!!), and 4s (90mph!!!)
    • Includes 6x 7mm socket cap screws.
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