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Spintech Motors is a multirotor design and manufacturing practice of Colin Chu.

Based in Southern California, Spintech Motors specializes in cutting edge, high quality micro multirotor frames and high performance motors. The concept of Spintech Motors is to create a multirotor system that is on the leading edge of available technology.

The products under the Spintech Motors brand are designed in-house, and the frames are manufactured in my workshop. All of the components of my frames have been carefully considered, and only the highest quality materials are chosen. The parts that are not manufactured by me have been contracted out to the best manufacturers.

I am constantly tweaking my designs to make them better, stronger, and faster, and the person I have in mind for my products is the person who demands the best.

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Out of the office!

Spintech Motors will be closed from November 10th until December 18th. No orders from the website will be processed until after that! Sorry for any inconvenience.

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