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Regular price $45.00

  • Hybrid X frame geometry for that locked in flying feel.
  • Clear polycarbonate aero canopy that can be painted to your personal style.
  • 4mm thick US made carbon fiber for unbeatable strength and rigidity.
  • 2.5in propellers, 9mm motor mounting, and 20x20 electronics mounting.
  • Accepts cameras with large lenses.
  • 40g frame weight.

The Spintech Slipstream was designed to be the best micro quadcopter frame in existence. It uses a hybrid X frame geometry, meaning the front arms are a stretch X, and the rear arms are a true X with a wider motor stance, which gives the quad a very locked in feel. You need to fly it to believe it!

Every detail on the Slipstream has been thought through. From its high quality 3D printed parts, to its fully supported arms, VTX antenna holder, and receiver placement, you'll spend less time fixing your quad, and more time doing what you love: Flying!

The aero canopy is vacuum molded out of nearly indestructible polycarbonate and is paintable so you can really let your true colors shine.

The Slipstream is literally the knowledge of the past two years of designing, racing, and manufacturing quads, poured into this design. Thank you for all of your support, and I hope you like it!

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